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DateTeacherTypeStudentHeureNiveauSkills match Profile?Skill level appropriate?# Skills match course length?# skills appropriate for # of lessons done?Other comments
05/03/2021DianeIndividuelleEmma Glock14:30Int AYesYesYesYes

I've had to put "Emma" because "Ella" isn't in the 'check done by' list below! But this was Ella!

06/11/2020LizIndividuelleWalid Berachiche11:00Int BYesYesNoYes

Only 6 skills for 20h course so more skills should be added

06/11/2020ShonaIndividuelleFrederique Laurent11:00Int AYesYesYesYes
12/12/2019AmélieGroupe19:00Int BYesYesYesNo

Skills haven't been validated for the students

Good work on one skill before moving onto the next, however because they haven't been validated, they aren't clear for the students to see their progression.

12/12/2019AmélieGroupe19:00Int AYesYesNoYes

Miscene's group

Session just started and 9 skills chosen which seems a lot to begin a group session with.

All appropriate for the level but more than one skill can be selected with lessons. Some lessons cover more than one skill in the passport.

09/05/2019ChristinaIndividuelleMélanie Goncalves11:00Pre IntYesYesYesYes

The skills match the needs of the student and the information gained from the initial assessment.

07/02/2019ChristinaIndividuelleAnabela Dearaujo00:00Pre IntYesYesYesYes

Skills validated and approved by the student. Only targeted skills have been validated.

17/01/2019LizIndividuelleAurélie Theas00:00Int AYesYesYesYes
13/12/2018ChristinaIndividuelleCarla Marques00:00Int AYesYesYesYes
06/12/2018AliceIndividuelleMina Kalai11:15Int BYesYesYesNo

No skills have been validated yet, and they have targeted more than one.

29/11/2018AmélieIndividuelleBenoit Lesage10:00Int AYesYesYesYes

Good number of skills validated in the passport and a good amount to continue working on with the student

22/11/2018LizIndividuellePhilip Malherbe12:00Int ANoNoYesYes

His level wasn't changed in the initial evaluation, therefore the selection of skills were not all appropriate for his level. The lessons chosen have been selected well but the skills don't reflect the true target.

Liz just needs to be aware of where the level has to be changed in the student initial test. The number of skills selected was great and she has kept on top of validating them

15/11/2018EmmaGroupe19:00Int BYesYesYesNo

No skills validated for the individuals in the group

17/05/2018JasonIndividuelleJohanna Bachelet00:00Int BYesYesYesYes
17/05/2018JasonIndividuelleAudrey Torres00:00Pre IntYesYesYesYes

Student has only approved one of the five skills validated

03/05/2018JasonIndividuelleChristelle Venon00:00Pre IntYesYesYesNo

More skills could now be validated for her

03/05/2018JasonIndividuelleJoanna Bachelet00:00Int BYesYesYesYes

The student has approved the skills validated and now more skills can be validated in the followling lessons. It looks like mostly all of the skills have been targeted so focus on solidifying more skills to be able to validate them

03/05/2018TimIndividuelleLaurent Joulie00:00Int BYesYesYesYes

Good passport, reached a stage where new skills need to be added in the next couple of lessons.

03/05/2018TimIndividuelleClodie Rajaonah00:00Int AYesYesYesYes

A good and appropriate number of skills have been validated but the student has not approved any of them

03/05/2018TimIndividuelleKarim Bennys00:00Int BYesYesYesNo

Only one skill has been validated and they have lessons together for a while

03/05/2018KellyIndividuelleNathalie Hulin00:00Post IntYesYesYesYes

Appropriate amount of skills have been validated but the student is yet to approve them

03/05/2018KellyIndividuelleSandra Lemba00:00Int AYesYesYesYes

Skils have been validated and approved by the student. The skills have all been targeted before so maybe a coupld more could have been added as she is in the last five hours of her session

03/05/2018KellyIndividuelleChloe Guerillot00:00Int BYesYesYesNo

There are not enough skills validated and no skills have been approved by the student

22/02/2018KellyIndividuelleDamien Vandenbergue00:00Int BYesYesYesNo

There is a pattern with Dan's students Kelly has taken over where students' passports have not been validated enough. I will go through them all again with her in our meeting tomorrow now she has a better idea about the students.

22/02/2018KellyIndividuelleChristian Letteron15:00Int BYesYesYesYes

Student hasn't approved any skills

DateTeacherTypeStudentHeureNiveauSkills match Profile?Skill level appropriate?# Skills match course length?# skills appropriate for # of lessons done?Other comments